Computational Complexity and Extended Clifford Circuits

11:00 Thu 30 Aug – RED 351 11:00 Mon 03 Sep – RED 351 11:00 Wed 05 Sep – RED 359 11:00 Fri 07 Sep – RED 359 Biography. Dax Enshan Koh (Skoltech Summer Intern 2018 – Biamonte Group) is a PhD candidate in the Mathematics department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), advised by Professor Peter Shor. His current research interests include quantum computation and quantum information, computational complexity theory, classical simulation of quantum computation, foundations of quantum mechanics as well as the theoretical underpinnings of quantum supremacy experiments. Prior to MIT, Dax completed the Perimeter Scholars International (PSI) Master’s program in Physics at the Perimeter Institute for[…]

Recent advances in magnetism: from Skyrmions to phase recognition with machine learning

Dmitry Yudin Researcher, ITMO University (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) 29 Aug 2018, 14:00-15:00 SkolTech, TPOC-4, Nobel str. 1, Red Building, 3rd floor, Room 351 Special Seminar Guest: Grigory Kabatyansky In spite of being a mature field of research studying of magnetism and magnetic materials remains one of the most exciting area in condensed matter physics. Indeed, tremendous progress in technological development over the last decades is mainly held by achievements in spintronics and related fields, stemming from pioneering works on giant and tunnel magnetoresistance and spin-transfer torque. In this talk, we discuss a general framework which allows a direct and self-contained evaluation of spin torques within microscopic theory. We further apply our findings to[…]

Postdoctoral Fellowships – Skoltech (Modern Quantum Theory)

Deep Quantum Labs is in the ongoing process of a expansion planned over the next several years as we continue to establish resident based international leadership in several core areas of theory related to quantum physics, the physics of information and with some specific focus on (i) simulation, (ii) quantum enhanced machine learning and (iii) the simulation of quantum systems using classical computers. We are seeking Research Scientist(s) to join our lab (Level I, II or III depending on experience) with some particular focus in this call on young applicants just finishing their PhD’s.  We offer internationally competitive compensation, including a housing allowance (international applicants), medical insurance and a sign-on[…]

Administrative Support Staff – two positions 

Administrative Support Staff – two positions  Skoltech’s Deep Quantum Labs is seeking talented administrators (x2) to optimize management procedures, increase management capacity and to preform some translations from English into Russian.   Successful candidates would be extremely organized and ready to join an extremely focused and disciplined team.  They will work closely with the team-PI to augment management capacity: to fine-tune, to organize and to oversee our internal procedures and processes, such as our calendar, our purchasing requests, and our compliance with various entities and our reporting. Ideal candidates would be smart and adaptable, able to type and also be willing to learn new computer programs (such as media Wiki and advanced[…]

Scientific Software Developer (HPC and parallel computing) – two positions 

Scientific Software Developer (HPC and parallel computing) – two positions  Skoltech’s Deep Quantum Labs is seeking two highly-talented and fast thinking developers (level depends on experience) to utilize our new supercomputing facility.  This facility is maintained and operated by CDISE (Skoltech) and opens the door to large-scale internationally competitive simulations of physical systems (500000+ NVidia – Volta – GPU cores and 2000 CPU cores). Ideal candidates should have some experience in scientific programming and some experience with high-performance parallel computing (for example OpenMP and MPI libraries – better Cuda, OpenCL and OpenACC); candidates would have mastered the Linux platform; they would be highly familiar with leading contemporary programming languages such as[…]