DSc Thesis Contents and Topical Overview (Habilitation)

This Friday at 11:00 am in E-B2-3006 (new campus) and on Zoom Prof. Jacob Biamonte will be presenting a talk which summaries the contents of his Habitation thesis. We kindly offer for you to attend in person or by Zoom. The full information is below. Title. On the Theory of Modern Quantum Algorithms By Professor Jacob Biamonte, BS, DPhil (Oxon) To be delivered Friday 25 September 11:00 am (E-B2-3006) Join Zoom Meeting https://us04web.zoom.us/j/698065281?pwd=RmltazY3RGJaOG9pRlo2U01WenMrZz09 Meeting ID: 698 065 281 Passcode: 0ZC7hU Contents. The computational properties of Hamiltonian ground states are presented as a golden thread connecting the contemporary underpinnings behind advanced techniques to program quantum enhanced processors. Computational complexity theory is used to determine the computational capacity of ground[…]

Numerical Scientist (Machine Learning/Quantum Physics)

Numerical Scientist (Machine Learning/Quantum Physics) The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology’s Laboratory for Quantum Information Processing is seeking a candidate familiar with computational physics.  We are particularly interested in candidates experienced in quantum physics and/or deep learning.    Experience in high-performance computing and parallel algorithms is a plus.  The start date is flexible. Requirements: The candidate will work as part of a team lead by Jacob Biamonte devoted to realizing national priority initiatives supporting the development of quantum computing.  The laboratory is focused on the theory and applications of quantum algorithms.  The candidate is expected to optimize and develop numerical solutions related to the emulation of quantum systems.  Additionally, the candidate should be able to[…]