November 15, 2022

Jacob Biamonte (Alumni)


DSc, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (2022)
PhD, University of Oxford (2010)

Faculty/PI Positions

Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia 
2017-2022 Full Profesor
2019-2022 Head of Laboratory for Quantum Science and Technology
2017-2022 Tenure Track Associate Professor

Institute for Scientific Interchange (ISI Foundation), Torino, Italy
2012-2017 Research Leader, Quantum Science Laboratory

List of publications

Research Topics

  1. Quantum information and quantum computing
  2. Quantum algorithms
  3. Mathematical methods in quantum physics and quantum computing
  4. Open quantum systems
  5. Abstraction of quantum information processing requirements from ab initio derivations of various qubit modalities


AY2021-22 (DG030102b), Research Methodology
Instructors: Jacob Biamonte, Dmitry Dylov, Ivan Oseledets and Maxim Panov

AY2021-22 (MA060393), Quantum Information Processing Science and Technology

Past course notes available on current course homepage:

AY2019-20, Quantum Information Processing Science and Technology
AY2019-20, Quantum Information Theory
AY2018-19, Quantum Information Processing Science and Technology
AY2018-19, Quantum Information Theory
AY2017-18, Modern Topics in Quantum Computing