Numerical Scientist (Machine Learning/Quantum Physics)

Numerical Scientist (Machine Learning/Quantum Physics) The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology’s Laboratory for Quantum Information Processing is seeking a candidate familiar with computational physics.  We are particularly interested in candidates experienced in quantum physics and/or deep learning.    Experience in high-performance computing and parallel algorithms is a plus.  The start date is flexible. Requirements: The candidate will[…]

MIT-Skoltech Research Internship (MISTI)

MIT students, as part of the MIT-MISTI exchange program, as invited to spend 3-6 months conducting research in the areas of quantum theory, and quantum technology at the Skolkovo Institute of Science in Technology located just outside of the city centre of Moscow.  The internship will be hosted at Skoltech’s Deep Quantum Laboratory, which focuses on theory and quantum[…]

Quantum Science and Technology at Skoltech 

Quantum Science and Technology at Skoltech  Skoltech proudly hosts several leading researchers, labs and activities that cover the full spectrum of contemporary quantum research.  This includes both experimental and theoretical groups working directly on quantum enhanced technologies as well as even business and patent analysis projects related to technology trends.  In addition to this wide[…]

Recent advances in magnetism: from Skyrmions to phase recognition with machine learning

Dmitry Yudin Researcher, ITMO University (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) 29 Aug 2018, 14:00-15:00 SkolTech, TPOC-4, Nobel str. 1, Red Building, 3rd floor, Room 351 Special Seminar Guest: Grigory Kabatyansky In spite of being a mature field of research studying of magnetism and magnetic materials remains one of the most exciting area in condensed matter physics. Indeed, tremendous progress in[…]

Postdoctoral Fellowships – Skoltech (Modern Quantum Theory)

Deep Quantum Labs is in the ongoing process of a expansion planned over the next several years as we continue to establish resident based international leadership in several core areas of theory related to quantum physics, the physics of information and with some specific focus on (i) simulation, (ii) quantum enhanced machine learning and (iii)[…]

Administrative Support Staff – two positions 

Administrative Support Staff – two positions  Skoltech’s Deep Quantum Labs is seeking talented administrators (x2) to optimize management procedures, increase management capacity and to preform some translations from English into Russian.   Successful candidates would be extremely organized and ready to join an extremely focused and disciplined team.  They will work closely with the team-PI to[…]