Experimental Collaborations

Experimental quantum physics is where the rubber meets the road. There’s been incredible progress in demonstrating various quantum algorithms and other building blocks for a future device to surpass the best conceivable classical computer.  The most interesting aspect of quantum information science is the fact that these ideas and concepts await a physical realization, which offer new practical relms in information processing.

Mapping our ideas and merging them with the ideas and realizations of top experimental groups is something we place of great value on.  This includes our long-term collaboration with D-wave Systems Inc., the NMR group of IQC Canada as well as the NV-center group of Stuttgart Germany not to mention the quantum optics team of Andrew White.

Chiral Quantum Walks
Dawei Lu, Jacob D. Biamonte, Jun Li, Hang Li, Tomi H. Johnson, Ville Bergholm, Mauro Faccin, Zoltán Zimborás, Raymond Laflamme, Jonathan Baugh, Seth Lloyd
Phys. Rev. A 93, 042302 (2016)

Quantum Simulation of Helium Hydride Cation in a Solid-State Spin Register
with Ya Wang et al.
ACS Nano 9, 7769 (2015)

High fidelity Spin Entanglement using Optimal Control 
with Florian Dolde et al.
Nature Communications 5, 3371 (2014)

Towards Quantum Chemistry on a Quantum Computer 
with Ben Lanyon, et al.,
Nature Chemistry 2, 106 (2009)

Sign and Magnitude Tunable Coupler for Superconducting Flux Qubits
with Richard Harris et al.
Physical Review Letters 98, 177001 (2007)

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