April 8, 2016

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Interview given to Moscow – RIA News. For English version please see the following link.

Public lecture at Science 0+ festival (Moscow, translated in Russian). The article about this lecture is published on RIA news portal.

Public lecture at Europes largest machine learning event MLPrauge

pannel discussion on machine learning

popular talk on quantum enhanced machine learning (download video/slides)

Quantum computing interview (English and Italian, filmed in Trento)


on youtube

TASS interview (English and Russian)



Some Interviews

Scientific Blog Articles

  • Introduction to quantum walks on complex networks, Quantum Network Theory Part 1, Tomi Johnson, Azimuth
  • The relation between quantum walks on complex networks and node degree, Quantum Network Theory Part 2, Tomi Johnson, Azimuth
  • Noether’s Theorem: Quantum vs Stochastic, blog article, Ville Bergholm, Azimuth
  • Introduction to Dirichlet operators and the Perron–Frobenius theorem, Network Theory Part 20, Jacob Biamonte, Azimuth
  • An example of the deficiency zero theorem: a diatomic gas, Network Theory Part 18, John Baez and Jacob Biamonte, Azimuth
  • Reaction networks versus Petri nets; the deficiency zero theorem, Network Theory Part 17, John Baez and Jacob Biamonte, Azimuth
  • A stochastic Petri net from population biology whose rate equation is the logistic equation; an equilibrium solution of the corresponding master equation, Network Theory Part 7, Jacob Biamonte, Azimuth

Selected Press Coverage

  • First experiment to break time-reversal symmetry in quantum walks, Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo Press Release
  • Quantum physics: Flawed to perfection, Nature News Feature by Elizabeth Gibney
  • Tensor Dispenser, about our online tensor network states course, Quantum Factory, article by Colin Hunter
  • James Whitfield receives the Longuet-Higgins Authors Prize for his joint work,Simulation of electronic structure Hamiltonians using quantum computers, [Molecular Physics109:5, 735 (2010)], Announcement of the winner of the Longuet-Higgins Author’s Prize, editorial by Tim Softley
  • Quantum computers do chemistry, New Scientist, article by Colin Barras
  • Quantum computer takes on quantum chemistry, Physics World, article by Hamish Johnston
  • Team builds device that uses two photons to calculate electron energies, Science News , story by Charles Petit
  • Quantum Computer Simulates Hydrogen Molecule Just Right, Wired! , article by Charles Petit
  • Quantum computers simulate molecular reality, MSNBC, article by Charles Q. Choi
  • Review of our approach to tensor network states, the n-Category Cafe, by John Baez

Popular Video

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