Quantum Science and Technology at Skoltech 

Quantum Science and Technology at Skoltech 

Skoltech proudly hosts several leading researchers, labs and activities that cover the full spectrum of contemporary quantum research.  This includes both experimental and theoretical groups working directly on quantum enhanced technologies as well as even business and patent analysis projects related to technology trends.  In addition to this wide effort, there are many researchers working on supporting and related technologies, such as condensed matter, quantum materials and the numerical simulation of physical systems.

As anticipated, this wide portfolio of quantum research is accompanied by an equally wide teaching portfolio.  Students are able to take a range of classes and study topics to suit their research agenda and their educational goals.  As Skoltech is a graduate only research university, the courses are often aimed at enabling students to contribute cutting edge research.

Students who are interested in studying quantum related subjects in pursuit of an MSc or PhD degree should contact their perspective advisors and apply directly to the program.  To assist potential applicants, below we have complied what we believe is a complete list (as of March 2019) of Skoltech faculty working on quantum related research.

Alphabetical List of Skoltech Faculty Studying Quantum Related Subjects

  1. Vladimir Antonov – Experimental Realization of Superconducting Quantum Technologies
    Webpage: https://faculty.skoltech.ru/people/vladimirantonov
  2. Oleg Astafiev – Experimental Realization of Superconducting Quantum Technologies
    Webpage: https://faculty.skoltech.ru/people/olegastafiev
  3. Natalia Berlof – Quantum Fluids, Gain-Dissipative Simulators, Condensates
    Webpage: https://faculty.skoltech.ru/people/nataliaberloff
  4. Jacob Biamonte – Quantum Algorithms and Quantum Information Theory
    Webpage: https://www.deepquantum.ai (Skoltech’s Deep Quantum Lab)
  5. Andrey Cichocki – Applications of Tensor/Matrix Decompositions
    Wegpage: http://www.deeptensor.ml/ (Skoltech’s Tensor Lab)
  6. Anatoly Dymarsky – Quantum Dynamics, Quantum Information and High-Energy Physics
    Wegpage: https://faculty.skoltech.ru/people/anatolydymarsky
  7. Boris Fine – Quantum Materials and Superconductivity
    Webpage: https://faculty.skoltech.ru/people/borisfine
    Status: not accepting new students in 2019
  8. Pavlos Lagoudakis – Experimental Photonics for Gain-Dissipative Simulators
    Webpage: https://faculty.skoltech.ru/people/pavloslagoudakis
  9. Artem Oganov – Computational Materials Discovery using Optimization and Artificial Intelligence
    Webpage: https://faculty.skoltech.ru/people/artemoganov
  10. Ivan Oseledets – Tensor Network Simulation of Quantum Systems and Tensor Engines for Quantum Supremacy
    Webpage: https://faculty.skoltech.ru/people/ivanoseledets
  11. Mikhail Skvortsov – Theory of Superconductor Based Quantum Technology
    Wegpage: https://faculty.skoltech.ru/people/mikhailskvortsov
  12. Alex Shapeev – Numerical and Machine-Learning Algorithms to Simulate Quantum Systems
    Webpage: http://sites.skoltech.ru/multiscale/ (Skoltech’s Multi-scale Modelling Lab — see also Sergei Tretiak)
  13. Ivan Sherstov – Frequency Standards and Quantum Clocks
    Webpage: https://crei.skoltech.ru/cpqm/people/ivansherstov
  14. Kelvin Willoughby – Quantum Technology Trends, Legal, Philosophy and Patent Analysis Webpage:https://faculty.skoltech.ru/people/kelvinwilloughby

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