Unusual properties of quantum walks

Alexander Rivosh,

Researcher, the Center for Quantum Computer Science,

University of Latvia

24 July 2018, 15:00-16:30

SkolTech, TPOC-4, Nobel str. 1, Red Building, 3rd floor, Room 351


ABSTRACT. Quantum walks proved to be a useful tool for the design of quantum algorithms. Local search, element distinctness, NAND formula evaluation – that is only a few examples for problems where quantum walk based algorithms exist.
We consider quantum walk as an algorithmic tool to perform a search on different graphs. We have to take into account an existence of the whole class of exceptional configurations when we use a quantum walk for search applications. Quantum walk based search algorithms fail to find any result with high probability for these configurations.
In this talk, we explore these and some other unusual properties of quantum walks that did not find their algorithmic applications yet./p>

Short BIO. Alexander Rivosh currently is a researcher at the Center for Quantum Computer Science, University of Latvia. Working on quantum walks and analysis of fault-tolerance of quantum search algorithms. Participated in several EU funded research grants, including ERC Advanced grant MQC (Methods for Quantum Computing).



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